Stockwell Day Connex can work with your organization to create a clear and concise government relations strategy as well as provide insightful analysis on Canadian political developments.

Stockwell Day Connex assists with:

  • Identifying implications and opportunities resulting from developments in Canadian public policy.
  • Providing political environmental assessments.
  • Consulting on communications strategies.
  • Providing strategic counsel for the governing body of your organization.



Disclaimer: Stockwell Day Connex is not a lobbying firm.

Stockwell Day Connex is not a lobbying firm. Further, in consultation with Canada’s Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, and subject to the Government of Canada Accountability Act and the Conflict of
Interest Act, neither Stockwell Day nor Stockwell Day Connex will provide ‘insider’ information on any matters related to Cabinet discussions, files or decisions, past or pending.

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