Career Highlights

Stockwell Day understands government. He draws on 25 years of experience working collaboratively (and gratefully) with groups and individuals in the public and private sector.

As Minister of Labour in Alberta, Stockwell Day negotiated with the public service unions to achieve an unprecedented 5% voluntary reduction in collective agreements.

As Minister Responsible for the Workers Compensation Board, Stockwell Day oversaw the elimination of the Compensation Board’s unfunded liability of $600 million. This was followed by a general reduction in premiums for businesses and a general increase in worker’s benefits.

As Minister of Social Services, Stockwell Day oversaw the ongoing implementation of plans that moved healthy, employable individuals into productive positions in the workforce, or into education and skills upgrading.

As Minister also responsible for Aboriginal Affairs, Stockwell Day developed strong relations with Aboriginal leaders working towards the resolution of a number of difficult disputes.

As Alberta’s Provincial Treasurer (Minister of Finance) he successfully implemented Canada’s first and only single rate (flat) tax. He also oversaw the government’s ongoing debt and deficit elimination plan.

As Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition, Stockwell Day endured a snap election call while being faced with the learning curve of a new and demanding position. The newly formed Canadian Alliance, despite the organizational challenges of a new party with a new leader, increased the Official Opposition’s seat count in the House of Commons and increased its vote count across the country by over a million.

After Stephen Harper won the leadership of the Canadian Alliance in 2002, Stockwell Day was appointed Foreign Affairs critic, Vice Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, as well as Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights.

In 2006, Stockwell Day was appointed Minister of Public Safety handling a variety of security issues at the national and international level. Stockwell Day was also appointed Regional Minister for British Columbia, advancing the economic and trade interests of BC.

As Minister of International Trade, Stockwell Day completed and initiated a record number of international Free Trade agreements. Stockwell Day also helped frame a turning point in Canada-China relations.

As President of the Treasury Board Stockwell Day’s experience and relations between business, labour, and various levels of government were instrumental in moving forward the government’s agenda of fiscal restraint and managing large collective agreements.

Along with that portfolio, his responsibilities as Minister of the Asia Pacific Gateway enabled the ongoing development of important linkages between Canada and the Asia Pacific.