Meet Stockwell

For over 25 years, Stockwell Day has been at the forefront of public policy development at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government.

During his career, he served as a community leader and educator, a Member of the Alberta Legislature, a Member of the Parliament, a high profile provincial and federal cabinet minister, and Canada’s Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition.

At every stage, he has worked tirelessly to advocate for Canadians and sought to represent the values and principles that were instilled in him from his parents and his community: hard-work, faith, and accountability to yourself and others.

After studying at the University of Victoria, Mr. Day was elected as the MLA for the riding of Red Deer-North in 1986. He later served in Alberta’s Cabinet, holding a variety of senior roles including: Chief Whip, Government house Leader, Minister of Labour and Minister of Social Services. From 1997 to 2000, he was Alberta’s Provincial Treasurer (Minister of Finance) and Acting Premier.

In 2000, Mr. Day entered federal politics, running successfully for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance (now part of the Conservative Party of Canada).

Under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Stockwell was appointed Minister of Public Safety, where he was responsible for the national police force, federal prisons, border security, and security intelligence.

He went on to serve as Minister of International Trade, Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Regional Minister for British Columbia, where he advanced economic and trade interests for the province. He was also appointed Chair of the Cabinet on Afghanistan, and in 2010 he was made President of the Treasury Board.

Since retiring from elected office, Stockwell Day has been honoured as a Distinguished Fellow by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

In 2018, Stockwell was named as a 40th Anniversary Honouree by the Canada China Business Council, an award for individuals who have made significant contributions to Canada-China relations and economic engagement through their work in business, government, academia, and civil society.

He currently appears weekly on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics and is a regular commentator in national and international media.

He also holds an Honorary Doctorate, Law in Advanced Democracy and Human Rights from St. Petersburg University.

Stockwell currently resides in British Columbia with his wife Valorie. They have 3 children and 14 grandchildren. He enjoys ocean kayaking and marathon running.

Disclaimer: Stockwell Day Connex is not a lobbying firm.

Stockwell Day Connex is not a lobbying firm. Further, in consultation with Canada’s Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, and subject to the Government of Canada Accountability Act and the Conflict of Interest Act, neither Stockwell Day nor Stockwell Day Connex will provide ‘insider’ information on any matters related to Cabinet discussions, files or decisions, past or pending.